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Chris Bishop



Mrs L. Booker

Deacon / Treasurer


Mrs S. Bishop

Deacon / Church Secretary


Colin Payne Deacon


Our aim is to make Jesus known in our community here on Townstal, we intend to serve in every way we can. We will not however, compromise on our Christian faith and understanding of Holy Scripture which is God's word for His people.


There has been a Baptist witness in Dartmouth for nearly 400 years with a Baptist church in Dartmouth being formed in the early 1600s .Thomas Newcomen the inventor of the first practical steam engine for pumping water was a teaching elder and a Baptist lay preacher in the early Baptist church at Dartmouth situated in the lower part of the town and was pastor of the church from 1710 -1730.
In 1954, a new building was erected in the upper part of the town in Carey Road Townstal.  In 2007 the church underwent a major refurbishment to bring it up to modern building standards including disability access. The church is situated in the middle of the Townstal estate and we seek to service the community here in many practical ways, including Luncheon club, Toddler group and Coffee morning. We have a vision to expand what we are able to do for the community in the future too.

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